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Florihana 3 Roses Face Cream 3玫瑰精华面霜

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  • 白玫瑰纯露和CO2玫瑰果提取物具有舒缓和再生的功效
  • 大马士革玫瑰和玫瑰木精油具有防腐和抗衰老作用
  • 玫瑰果和葡萄籽的植物油能细胞重生
  • 荷荷巴油和乳木果油可深层滋润和滋养皮肤
  • 大马士革玫瑰和白玫瑰水凝乳可以滋润皮肤


3 Roses Face Cream is a made from essential oils, vegetable oils and hydrosol, suit for all skin types

  • Rosa Alba hydrosol and CO2 Rosa Alba extract for soothing and regenerating
  • Damask Rose and Rosewood essential oils for antiseptic and anti-ageing
  • Rose-hip and Grape seeds oil for restructuring
  • Jojoba oil and Shea butter for skin moisturiser
  • Damask Rose hydrosol and Rosa Alba Hydrosol to hydrate the skin

Composition : 100% natural, 90 % organic, paraben free, perfume free, phenoxyethanol free, phtalate free.

Quality assurance; import directly from France



Hydrosol 纯露

  • 100% Pure natural ingredients 
  • Please store in a cool and dry place and avoid sunlight or best to refrigerate 
  • If it can’t be used up within 2 - 3 months after opening, please refrigerate and fill in a separate bottle for the amount that can be used up in two weeks. 
  • After opening and refrigerating, it is recommended to use up within 6 - 8 months

  • 100% 纯天然成分
  • 请放置于阴凉干燥处及避免阳光照射或冷藏
  • 开封后若无法於2 - 3个月内用完,请冷藏保存,并另外分装出两周可以用完的量
  • 开封后并冷藏,建议於6 - 8个月内用完

Essential Oil 精油

  • 100% Pure natural essential oils 
  • Please store in a cool and dry place and avoid sunlight 
  • For CITRUS essential oil, it is recommended to use it up within 6 - 8 months after opening
  • Other essential oils can be stored for 2 - 5 years after opening 
  • Undiluted pure essential oils can only be used for diffuse or inhale through steam inhalation or inhaler, not recommended to apply directly on the skin without proper dilution (contact us for safe dilution ratio) 
  • A simple skin sensitivity test can be done before using, apply diluted blend oil behind the ears or on elbows and observe for 24hours. If there is allergic, please apply pure vegetable oils several times to relieve irritation

  • 100% 纯天然精油
  • 请放置于阴凉干燥处及避免阳光照射
  • 柑橘类精油开封后,建议於6 - 8个月内用完
  • 其他类精油开封后,可保存2 - 5年
  • 未稀释的纯精油只可以用于熏香、吸嗅、蒸汽吸嗅
  • 请务必以植物油稀释后才能用于涂抹身体(如何安全稀释可联络我们)
  • 使用前可做简单的肌肤敏感测试,将稀释了的调油涂抹在耳后或手肘内并观察24小时,侧若发生过敏,请多次涂抹纯植物油舒缓刺激


Anticipated receive by end of the months (For order successful placed before 7th of the months) 

预计月底收到(需在每月7 号之前成功下单)

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