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Distilling hydrosols for more than 20 years.

Florihana France guarantees that all hydrosols:

  • achieved organic certifications from European (AB), Japanese (JAS) and American (USDA)
  • 100% natural,organic,no added preservatives 
  • Stored in refrigerated rooms.
  • Microbiological analyzes results are available online



  • 获得多国机认证: 欧盟有机认证、法国AB有机认证、日本JAS有机认证、美国USDA有机认证
  • 100% 天然、有机、不含防腐剂
  • 冷藏储存
  • 经过微生物检测报告

Natural Organic Hydrosols 纯天然有机纯露

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